Syed Waris Shah, one of the most famous Punjabi Sufi poets was born in in Jandiala Sher Khan in the District of Sheikhupura, Punjab. Heer waris shah. 15K likes. YOU ARE HERE LIKE WARIS SHAH. Urdu Books biographies, Drama, Poetry and shayari at Rekhta Online E-Books Store in Hindi E-BOOKS BY: Sayyad Waris Shah Qissa Heer Volume

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Waris’s parents are said to have died when he was young. His minute and realistic depiction of each detail of Punjabi life and the political situation in the 18th century, remains unique and the entire poem is an album of colourful and enchanting pictures of life in the Punjab, of varied views but always deeply absorbing. You can either check out the website owned by the Federal Trade Commission as well as hwer one of the major credit agencies directly.

Shahmukhi eBook Complete Heer Waris Shah

The Prophet himself set an example before us by doing the same for fifteen years at the Cave of Hera. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your rudu here Sufism is an effective philsophy. I would also love to say that neer first thing you will need to carry out is check if you really need repairing credit. Sufism holds in our hand and takes us away free from the fruitless burden of these senses, namely, sex, pride and fear.


Khullar through the voice of Heer, Waris Shah became spokesman of the Punjabi folk and touched every soul and that rendered his epic become immortal. In answering this we come close to Sufism which is an applied philosophy in the way to realize and communicate with the core driving force of our very existence.

Waris Shah – Ishq da Waris

Waris shah is the great innocent soul, the leader uedu Muslims in Malika Hans during his life in the reign of Mian Muhammad Hans.

Another movie on the life of Waris Shah Waris Shah: That should not be difficult, since government makes it necessary that you are allowed to acquire one no cost copy of your actual credit report every year.

Waris Shah won the heart of every Muslim and non Muslim alike e. This exodus at a young age left a lasting impression on the psyche of young Waris, to which Professor S. Some authors also suggest that it was Waris Shah’s own unrequited love towards a girl named Bhag Bhari that later became the foundation of the poem. I n Malika Hans, Waris began work on Heer.

I know many Christians in my native district [Faisalabad] who equally love W. Waris Shah died around He is the possessor of all his attributes. Punjabi as a language has mostly not been recognized — not even by Punjabis themselves — as a language.

Sayyad Waris Shah’s urdu books | Author Books

All of them love Waris irrespective of being Muslim, Sikh or a Hindu. Needless to add, they can not speak the Punjabi language at all! Nevertheless the beauty and richness of Punjabi is such that we can hope in time to come it will regain its place which is its due. In order to try his fortunes outside his native town he moved out of Jandiala another reason to move was the impending danger of attack from Afghan invaders and to receive early education from Pir Makhdoom of Qasur.


He was very young and had to live in a mosque for some time. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. More often than not, we are misled by the tricky six senses playing within us. Email required Address never made public.

Pakistan’s river of love including many pictures of Chenab river “. To do that you simply must get your hands on a duplicate of your credit rating. Great Sufi Poets of the Punjab. S abh banh ke aj bana dita Jehra atar gulab nachorhiya ee.

Heer Waris Shah Complete

His mausoleum is a place of pilgrimage today, especially for those in love. Faces of Change or Change of Faces!

As goes in the Hadith-e-Kudsi: The mausoleum complex was completed in and is a mixture of the Lahore School of Architecture and Tughlaq Architecture.