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We simply could not do science! The patent of Heinrich Kunel. I keep getting holes in the pocket where it lives, which I believe is caused by his horn. This almost certainly refers to ferrofluid, not a “suspension of magnets”. Ifno moving magnets generate electrical power in the windings of the electromagnets and this power is used to charge the driving battery.

Free energy

You really have no idea what you are talking about and like almost everyone that thinks they can make assertions about science from a position of ignorance, you have fallen back on flawed ontological enedgy.

Yes, the is a LOT left to discover.

This statement is beyond vague. Gravitational Pulsed Systems Chapter 5: I said it was unlikely to be real, you say it is impossible.

To be launch next year to fres the world and improve life and reduce poverty.

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All technological problems have been solved, literally thousands of times, but the benefits have been suppressed by those in power. So, how do you alter the natural state of the energy in our environment? Will the shuttle still be pushed via the duct? Today, many people have managed to tap yttp energy but very few commercial devices are readily enervy for home use. No such change is necessary, it merely depends on your point of view. Does it sound a bit mad to you? As it stands the only thing you are asserting is your ignorance and gullibility.


At the present time that programme can be seen at https: The fundamental thermodynamic limits of an Otto-cycle engine are set by the compression ratio. We are surrounded by so much energy that a simple aerial and earth connection can draw in very large amounts of electrical power from the local environment.

Conservation of momentum and energy had lived yet another day. Renewable-Energy Devices Chapter Still, heat pumps are often a very good idea, certainly better than taking high grade energy like electricity and just turning it into heat; that can never produce a COP of more than 1.

The snag is that you can’t use the batteries to power equipment while they are being charged, so you need two sets of batteries. You might be able to fool yourself and other ignoramuses but this sort of nonsense makes you look ridiculous.

Therefore, the conclusion is that the system cannot possibly work false. Looking at this in isolation, we appear to have a free-energy system which contradicts the Law of Conservation of Energy. However, the calculation is massively flawed in that is not based on what is actually happening and worse still, it makes initial assumptions which are just plain wrong.

We observe the effect, not the cause. My guess is additional external energy will need to be supplied to keep the projectile moving, as it will be repelled by the next segment it is approaching.


Free Energy Blog December 13, Questions and Answers – – – – Other Locations: This provides the driving power of the motor. Nikola Tesla, probably the most famous person in the free-energy field, has a patent on an aerial system which uses a shiny metal plate with insulated faces as the main component of his aerial.

This has nothing to do with being intellectually hidebound the usual critique but simply because they know more than the layman does. That is a nice idea for performing analysis but it must not be thought to have anything much to do with real systems in the real world because there is no such thing in this universe as a closed system.

enegy This is defined as the amount of power coming out of a system, divided by the amount of power that the operator has to put into that system to make it work.

Joe says that even his children could drive a bus as it is so easy to do. The Laws are not theories, particularly not in the wrong sense that you are using the term they are u, of the structure of the Universe. Someone give Einstein a cookie please.