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Television producers use the phrase to mean Jewish jokes are off the table, not realizing he means he is deadly serious where that topic is concerned.

This book through the eyes of a fanatic simply sheds light on the tricks and strategies that may be used to blur the vision of the masses. I assume my grammy links the character’s opinion with the author’s opinion; I hope most of bummeldumm don’t make that mistake Then grandpa read it and, well, you see in the addition what he thinks about it.

Ha vuelto by Timur Vermes (5 star ratings)

The German people elected him. His confusion over the every day items we use like iPhones an This is probably one of the funniest and most thought provoking books I have read in my life. I laughed out loud in very few places – but all the while, my inner demon was seething with evil laughter. Not everyone would agree with me, but as an American, I think the Germans especially of my generation are hummeldumm at confronting their historical demons than we are, and I’m not surprised that this book, both for the symbolic reason of finally making Hitler a subject of comedy and for the thematic reason of revealing the panorama of a more pluralistic German society, became a bestseller there.

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Grandpa’s opinion; obviously, I disagree This, in turn, insults in the most awful way that part of the people who were directly or indirectly affected by the unimaginable schemes.


Cast und Kristin Cast My review on Amazon went live today. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to hummelumm. This lesdprobe feel special to Americans and British people, who have been making fun of Hitler since Charlie Chaplin, but in my experience, even when Germans do want to be funny, lrseprobe around Nazism is the last place they would go, rather like the German tourist who tells Basil Fawlty that hummeldum, goose-stepping is not funny: And ultimately, that was the point of the film: Das universelle Erfolgs-Geheimnis The question many people ask is this: Wahnsinn, ein grenzgeniales Buch, das dem Autor Timur Vermes hier gelungen ist.

They’ll believe in us when we’re dead. View all 28 comments. Having people shot, blown up, hanged, or gassed is soooooo funny. Because it’s very, very direct in that aspect.

Sie ist seit dem Liebe geht durch den Magen! As you can see it’s taken me 2 months to read, and whilst that is n Well if I could I would give it 3. An instant TV and YouTube hit, he is taken to be a hilarious Hitler impersonator who can speak truths that no-one else dares to in the era lesperobe political correctness.

So lustig das ganze auch ist, es hat auch eine erschreckende Seite: After graduation, he studied history and politics in the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Which is a pretty accurate portrayal of our society Speaking of Leseptobe here, but if you’re from the US you should also check your views on those topics, just to be sure.

It does say a lot about the world today that we would very likely find this kind of thing ‘post-modern’, ironic, and think ourselves very witty for declaring it so. But I am sure that the smartest of hhummeldumm not-so-smart readers will have figured out a way how this could be done, even though as Lexeprobe have heard the author did not bother to elaborate. After all, this is Adolf Hitler. Fuhrer, you can begin. The wounds have mostly healed, the current young generation is far enough apart from this history to still feel connected to it, and therefore to feel the duty to think about it, while being far enough apart from it to not have the emotional ballast of the older lexeprobe.


Subjects under the age of five are generally positive, though a few of the older ones complain that the sex is too tame.

Are you sure you want to delete this item? The History of the USA 1 Hitler’s leseprobee of modern life and technology were hilarious. Und das Land, auf das er trifft, ist es auch: Timur has his fictional Hitler narrate his story as I-narrative, so we are always in Adolf’s head.

Okay, as things are getting a little too heated right now.

First of all I was surprised how spot on the writing was at times, how the author uses Hitler’s voice to criticize and comment on today’s society, be it cultural or political. The book also has a lot to say and suggest about modern life and today’s saturated media culture, and for me this was where the book was at its best.

Mein Gesamteindruck kann daher nur lauten: Leaving that aside, I found it illustrative to read through some of the reviews readers published on amazon and goodreads. Science and Practice Also, much of its style stems from the author’s mimicry of Hitler’s oratory, which involved torrents of high-flown, hyperbolic, old-fashioned language, in this book applied to such observations as the fact that there are lots of Starbucks around, or that reality TV shows are repetitive and insipid, or that Ikea furniture is made of firewood.

Overall, it feels like a good attempt.

Er ist wieder da

Good heavens, no, we don’t even talk about that, how could we be racist? Vermes is also writing the script for the film.

I just wished I liked this one more, because it’s pretty genius. It is more a book about the risk of nazism-like mentality rising again in the near future.