Full text of “I Am Tha Science Of Hamsa Swami Muktananda” Maharashtra, INDIA Bhagawan Nityananda Swami Muktananda Recently Baba Muktananda has. I am That by Swami Muktananda, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. I am That By Swami Muktananda. Book on the power of the Hamsa mantra.

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Jai rated it it was amazing Feb 18, I would recommend Swami Muktananda’s books to anyone interested in discovering the Self and practicing meditation. Hamsa is the natural mantra.

I am That : The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava

As the breath becomes even, the mind automatically becomes still. Without the presence of the Self, it is nothing but a corpse. It is due to its pulsation that we are alive. He was a disciple and the successor of Bhagavan Nityananda.

A great mystic and poet who lived in Benares and was a weaver by trade. In this commentary on verse 24 of the Vijnana Bhairava, a classic text of the nondual Shaivism of Kashmir, Swami Muktananda teaches about kuktananda power and practice of the hamsa mantra—the mantra that arises naturally and spontaneously with the breath.

When the prana stops moving in and out of the body, there is either samadhi or death. David Elliott rated it liked it Jan 20, If, instead of pursuing knowledge of the outer world, we were to pursue inner knowledge, we would discover that effulgence very soon. Until thar become aware that the mantra is going on within you, you should muktanamda it.

These are the utterance of the supreme Goddess, whose nature is to create. This was full awakening.


This mantra is the same for ii. There are people who do a few postures and pranayama and call themselves yogis, but these are not true yogis. As you repeat it, sitting quietly and combining the two syllables with the breath, you eventually begin to understand that it is happening on its own.

That still space between the breaths, that space where no thoughts exist, is the true goal of the mantra. Pooja T rated it it was amazing Apr 06, It is the place of repose. Then he had an idea.

Read more Read less. If one wishes to coordinate it with the breath, one must repeat the entire mantra with each incoming breath and each outgoing breath. In the same way, the science of hamsa is a matter of awareness. By understanding the mystery of hamsa, one comes to know the Self. Siddha Yoga Publications; 5 edition June 1, Language: Missie Pattipati rated it it was amazing Aug 06, The sound of the breath coming in and going out is the repetition of kamsa mantra. Vidura Barrios rated it it was amazing Dec 01, This space is called madhyadasha, the in-between space, which is the abode of the Self, God, Truth or Consciousness.

I Am That: The Science of Hamsa from the Vijnana Bhairava

Definitely have to read more things by Swami Muktananda! Central to his teachings were to “See God in each other,” [15] and u your Self. This is my water bowl; this is my yoga stick! We pursue different spiritual practices only for the sake 12 of experiencing this inner divinity.

It becomes immersed in the so ‘ham awareness, the awareness of its true nature, and becomes calm and serene. The mantra hamsa is the source of all knowledge. Where Are You Going?: Through practising the mantra, you come to know the space 38 where the two ma arise and subside.


Full text of “I Am Tha Science Of Hamsa Swami Muktananda”

As Kundalini unfolds, one sees new colours and scintillating inner lights. The state of stillness which occurs when the syllables merge inside and outside is natural kumbhaka. But in whichever direction the fetus tries to move, it runs into trouble. Getzu rated it really liked it Jun 06, October Souvenir Volume 8. When, through the practice of hamsa, the Kundalini is awakened, the rhythm of the breath slows down and becomes even.

The nadi which originates at the base of the 59 spine and terminates at the left nostril; called the moon nadi because of its cooling effect. One of the main scriptures of Kashmir Shaivism, said to have been revealed by Lord Shiva to the sage Vasuguptacharya in order to perpetuate the philosophy of nondualism. A sage named Ashtavakra happened to be passing by. Apana is also called jiva, the individual soul, because only when the apana enters the body can it be said that the soul is in the body.

This wasn’t “knowing” anything, because you only know something that is separate from you.