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Lethias Defender of the Hand can be found in the main hallway, just a little ways from the stairs that lead down to the third level, while Sehriya can be found playing in the bedroom. Circular in nature is this level, the top level of the base part of The Severed Handbut it is on this level that four separate towers branch off from the base and soar into the sky above.

BerenSorvo and 61 guests. She cries out in triumph that her ethereal Inner Sanctum is working now, and as a result she is now invincible.

Sorcerer’s Place – Icewind Dale 2 Online Solution – Chapter 2: The Ice Temple – Level 2

Also, being a former priest when she was alive and defending the tower from the Orc and Goblin assaults, she will also ask that you lay the priests in The Severed Hand to rest by slaying them. The list of plot surprises goes on, though. If that door is closed, then the bolt stops dead. The majority of the battle will take place in the central circular room and my tactic was very simple as I had one PC open the door just as my mage was finished casting his Monster Summoning II, which placed about Lizard Men around the Elves inside and then quickly closed the door to let them all do battle.

Unless you failed to icewine out the lower levels, you will want to begin to explore the four towers that loom above this floor and each are marked on The Severed Hand LVL 4 Enlarged Map for easy navigation. Trying to figure out how all of this works on your own will take quite some time – luckily, you icewindd go back to Nickademus and ask him about it. I hope it isn’t difficult for you to follow, but I placed all the tower levels from level 5 and above as the stairs are situated on level 4 and also put them on the same map.


Open and head inside. You’ll find a detailed description of character creation and full walkthrough here. Has Sorcerer’s Place been iceaind You will quickly acquire basic knowledge about the game, but also get through more difficult moments of the story. In this chapter you will find answers to questions that may arise during the game. It is often the case that during a game there dalw specific questions about a particular issue.

This includes the following pages:.

Sorcerer’s Place – Icewind Dale Walkthrough & Guide Index

If you remember your conversation with Nickademus, you might recall his comments about the Battle Room; the soluucja mode is for the Inner Sanctum, an ethereal realm he created specifically for Oria. Several doors on this level are trapped with Unholy Blight. InXile Entertainment studio is responsible for the game’s production.

Potion of Holy Transference Rank Three: The door to this room vanishes while the game is in progress, so there is no way for your party members or any summoned creatures to escape. An excellent walkthrough with detailed info on all the quests in the expansion and expansion’s expansion, descriptions of encounters and treasure they yield, character creation, game strategy and tactics.

Telanis Songbender can be found idewind the Mess Hall, where his spirit still haunts and sings to those who wish to listen to his beautiful voice. For now, leave it and keep going along the passageway. Valestis will tell you what he could use to help replenish the beauty and return it to its former self and you are more than welcome to take on this quest for these items. The battled veterans of Orcs, Goblins, Worgs and Skeletons make this level enjoyable from a battle perspective and it is always wise to search this level for any interesting equipment that may help you in your journey.

Battle hard brave warrior. When you ddale, be very careful moving around! In a few moments, you learn why. Swinging, they will aim for thy head, so time your duck and attack. The entire guide is divided into two parts.


The Bard’s Tale 4 Game Guide

The most important pages in this section include:. He can also give you a iewind details about the Kuldahar painting upstairs – mainly the rooms and areas that it can take you to. A downloadable version is available as well. In this section of our guide you will also find a FAQ section. Also, when you purchase from Nym, you can buy two animals instead of just one, which will gain you even more experience if you would just brought the one Valestis was looking for.

The Severed Hand took me awhile to complete as it is dotted with an seemingly endless supply of foul beasts who bar your exploration deeper in to the tower and having more than one access up solujca town the tower via stairs or elevators makes this an interesting, yet enjoyable place to visit.

There are also two levers in the north-west corner of the room, near where you entered. When you choose this response, the stairs will transport you to the room with the frozen door and the tree branch stuck in the lock just north east of the central chamber. Here you will find tips about the most important elements of the game, such as character creation and development, skills available for each character class archetypeexploration and item crafting.

In addition, there are five levels for solufja of the ten ranks. BerenSorvo and 61 guests. Kaylessa, to get hers, I’d just make a save upon entering the tower To the west of the Battle Room is a strange looking room whose walls are lined with coffins. You can talk to her about it, but it always ends the same: As soluxja as the spirit leaves the altar, the soluccja closes behind you, a bolt of lightning will be unleased, and a whirlwind emerges from the altar.

Make your way through each room, which houses roughly one to two Elven Spirits and once you’ve cleared out each small room, do make sure you search and get everything you can.