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The IEC database is organized as a set of “data sheets” describing different document kinds and their attributes. Please click on “General description ” on. IEC provides rules and guidelines for the classification of documents based on their characteristic content of information. Basic elements and generic composites. Show details for A – Documentation describing documents A – Documentation describing documents. Show details for B.

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IEC Document Designation

E – Technical requirement and dimensioning documents. Topology and location layout. Procedure for the declaration of materials in products of the electrotechnical and electronic industry.

The equations explain how these fields Finding a document kind The IEC database provides two methods for finding a document kind: A – Documentation describing documents. Therefore the basis for a common understanding should be a classification scheme which is based only on the content of information.

Since the advent of electrical lighting in the middle of the It also includes non-technical documents.

FS – Circuitry documents. FQ – Setting value documents. PL – Location lists. Terms relating to technical drawings: Categorized views Document kinds are categorized by document kind identity number, DCC, keyword, application area, activity area, presentation form and status level. EB – Standards and regulations. CA – Inquiry calculations and other docuemnts. LD – On-site location documents. WA – Set point ifc. PA – Material lists. Click here to view the notes indexed by tag. It remains in the data base for information and reference purposes.


Maxwell’s Equations – Introduction Maxwell’s Equations are a set of fundamental relationships, which govern how electric and magnetic fields interact. Comments are closed for this post: Structuring of technical information and documentation.

Introduction The IEC database is organized as a set of “data sheets” describing different document kinds and their attributes.

QA – Quality management documents. Experts from the more Kec fields of technology made considerable input to this document. Arrangement drawing building Building drawing Installation diagram building Cable routing drawing building Earthing drawing building.

Classification and designation of documents for plants, systems and equipment — Part 1: Any registered user can add content. The document counting number has no meaning other than to differentiate different documents.

FF – 6135 diagrams and charts. Documents may be received from and delivered to other parties.

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Iex engineering only if separation from M is required. TL – Arrangement drawings. BH – Documents regarding changes. After selecting a view click on the blue arrow to expand the list. Manufacturing instructions Installation instructions Operating instructions Inspection instructions Maintenance instructions Operation manual.


BF – Dispatch storage and transport documents. Different parties may 6355 different information or different views on the same information, depending on what is most suitable for the intended purpose. FE – Function descriptions.

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Expanding the list and selecting overview diagrams, show the activity area A2A3 as ‘FA’. Preparation of documents used in electrotechnology — Part 1: BG – Site planning and organization documents. BE – Resource planning documents. Quality management systems — Fundamentals and vocabulary. It ic applied for all documents within the life cycle of a technical products like plants, systems or equipment.

FP – Signal descriptions. TB – Construction drawings. Quality management documents; safety-describing documents. Other status levels are applied during the standardization procedure, such as “Proposed”, “Draft” and “Rejected”. If you have some expert knowledge or experience, why not consider sharing this with our community. PD – Product type lists. In order to get a basis for a system, it is necessary to disregard, more or less, what a document is sometimes called today.

A lot of people relate this to nine key issues.