Global Xpress is reliable. No matter where or when you need to deploy mission- critical communications you can have absolute confidence in your connectivity. Inmarsat has ordered a fifth Global Xpress satellite from Thales Group. The satellite, planned for launch in , has. Inmarsat Global Xpress is the world’s first and only end-to-end high throughput commercial Ka-band network from a single operator that delivers worldwide.

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Together, we aim to deliver cost-effective and tailored solutions to enable organisations all over the world to operate more efficiently. Unusually, fixed terminals for Global Xpress are also easily transportable from one location to another, while our portable terminals include variants that can be packed down into two airline-checkable cases for easy global deployment. Global Xpress is a super-fast, Ka-band broadband satellite network from Inmarsat that will offer downlink speeds of inmqrsat to 50 Megabits per second download and up to 5 Megabits per second xprress over the compact user terminals.

One of the leading global providers of managed network communication solutions, IEC Telecom Group offers a comprehensive suite of products and network services enabling a complete end-to-end solution for customers.

The permanent telephone country code for calling Inmarsat destinations is: SinceInmarsat has onmarsat global mobile satellite communications to customers across the maritime sector.

In the mids, many member states were unwilling to invest in improvements to INMARSAT’s network, especially owing to the competitive nature of the satellite communications industry, while many recognized the need to maintain the organization’s older systems and the need for an intergovernmental organization to oversee public safety aspects of satellite communication networks.

Imtech Marine Imtech Marine headquartered in Rotterdam is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship.

Customers’ needs and requirements will be paramount, and Inmarsat intends to provide a quality user experience at a cost-effective and acceptable price that today’s VSAT services cannot match. As the most complete provider of aviation communication solutions, our portfolio is designed to make aircraft and passenger communications simple, efficient and cost-effective.

This experience and expertise will xlress into the development of Global Globall. Archived from the original on 23 September Cobham SATCOM offers the most comprehensive lnmarsat of land-mobile satellite terminals for voice, data and globla communication in the market. Satcom Direct Satcom Direct is the leading provider of satellite voice and broadband data solutions for flight deck and cabin communications, serving business, military, government, and heads of state aircraft.

Imtech Marine headquartered in Rotterdam is a leading company in the global maritime market, operating as a full-service provider and system integrator of tailor-made, innovative and sustainable technology solutions covering the whole ship. This will enable many more ships to take advantage of the superior speeds and service. Each Inmarsat-5 satellite will carry 89 Ka-band beams and will operate in geosynchronous orbit with flexible global coverage.


Global Xpress will be the first service to offer global mobile broadband coverage, delivering unparalleled speeds and bandwidth to customers in remote locations around the world. Archived from the original on 5 May As an approved Inmarsat Global Xpress terminal manufacturer and service provider in both commercial and military Ka-band frequencies, DataPath supports customers as a full-service provider of GX solutions. ICE Inmarsat Communications Evolution is a partnership with industrial partners intended to identify innovative technologies and solutions that can expand and enhance the capabilities of the next generation of satellite communications.

Retrieved 18 April It will be faster and less expensive than current Ku-band market offerings, delivered to smaller and cheaper terminals and be the first offered on a seamless, global, end-to-end basis, with high quality of service. Retrieved on March 26, The global market for broadband services is expanding rapidly as corporate and government users continually extend their online and networked activity.

Global Xpress | Seamless Satellite Broadband | Inmarsat

Voice call charges are the same for any location in the world where the service is used. Our solutions ensure the fastest, highest capacity data links possible for passengers and airlines, with almost aircraft are flying with Thales connectivity solutions. Consisting of 5 geostationary L-band satellites the constellation provides the Inmarsat-B and Inmarsat-C services, primarily providing low bandwidth communications and safety services for global shipping.

VPN xprfss Private Network.

Inmarsat taps Arianespace for fifth Global Xpress launch

Decommissioned 19 April Previous record holder for mission glogal [41]. Global Xpress will revolutionize broadband services in the maritime world – while maintaining the outstanding quality, global coverage and seamless mobility customers have come to expect from Inmarsat.

Video teleconferencing Real-time collaboration between remote site and specialists VoIP Immarsat simultaneous voice calls Health and safety Telemedicine and training Remote video streaming Inspection, problem solving, real-time remote decision making Enterprise applications Email, Citrix, SAP, secure file transfer and more Crew welfare Crew calling, high-speed broadband Internet, video chat, entertainment Video surveillance Monitor remote sites for xpdess, security and environmental protection.

Imtech Marine specialises in automation xpresa and bridgenavigation and communication, including connectivity, energy and drive solutions, HVAC heating, ventilation and air conditioning solutions, and fire protection technology, entertainment, lighting and maritime services.

Our commitment to the cabin service experience remains at innmarsat forefront by delivering customer-driven services, applications and content to meet the needs glogal our customers at any altitude, over any ocean. Thousands of Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found on virtually every commercial, inmxrsat and space aircraft worldwide. Inmarsat will provide high capacity satellite communications links for aircraft, and improve detection of aircraft locations in time and space.

Today, nearly half of the commercial satellites in orbit worldwide were built by Boeing at its Satellite Development Center in El Segundo, California; the site of the world’s largest satellite manufacturing center. Much like the I-4 satellite infrastructure, the I-5 satellites will provide a global reach.


The Inmarsat I-5 satellites provide global coverage using four geostationary satellites. These satellites provided the Inmarsat-A service for maritime uses. DataPath has an established year history of providing end-to-end communications systems and goobal across the globe for the aerospace, government, broadcast, and infrastructure markets. Coaxial cable Fiber-optic communication Optical fiber Free-space optical communication Molecular communication Radio waves Transmission line.

Founded ine3 Systems is based in Mallorca, Spain, and is an award-winning leader in the supply of integrated communications, networking and advanced IT services for the superyacht sector. Furthermore, Navarino is a distributor for the leading satellite communication hardware manufacturers, and has a global installation and onboard service network that covers every continent.

Retrieved 4 June Cobham SATCOM develops compact and lightweight terminals for mobile and vehicular use across diverse sectors including government, emergency response, law enforcement, media broadcasting, transportation, energy and mining.

Inmarsat taps Arianespace for fifth Global Xpress launch –

On 20 SeptemberInmarsat announced its strategic collaboration with Panasonic Avionics Corporation for an initial ten-year period, to provide in-flight broadband for commercial airlines. AST is uniquely positioned to offer independent, unbiased advice to ensure customers receive the right communication solution to meet their business needs, and at a competitive price.

Retrieved 1 August Established inJRC is one of the oldest marine electronics gllobal, with a reputation for consistently delivering reliable and quality products that can support vessel and maritime globa in one of the harshest environments known to man. The number is an automatic locator; it is not necessary to know to which satellite the destination Inmarsat terminal is logged-in.

Thousands of Honeywell Aerospace products and services are found inmarsatt virtually every commercial, defense and space aircraft worldwide.

Thales Thales InFlyt Experience is revolutionizing passenger engagement throughout the travel experience and creating smart opportunities for airlines.

High-speed portable satellite services Global Xpress is a super-fast, Ka-band broadband globla network from Inmarsat that will offer downlink speeds of up to 50 Megabits per second download and up to 5 Megabits per second upload over the compact user terminals. Here are just a few ways organisations can use Global Xpress for their land and off-shore communications.

Operating in the resilient Ka-band, while integrating seamlessly with our proven L-band network, GX allows customers across aviation, maritime, enterprise and government sectors to have reliable and assured access to high-throughput communications.

Telemar integrated model covers globally design, purchase, air-time, communication and navigation equipment installation, maintenance and repairs.