Junan undo and kokyuho are the foundation of all taijutsu and thus it is important to practice them every day.” – SokeMany teachers of martial. JUNAN TAISO creates force, flexibility and health, even in high age. During the exercises one should observe, if and how they are interacting. Junan Taiso is a form of yoga used in Ninjustu to develop flexibility and coordination of the whole body and individual body parts. It utilizes dynamic flexibil.

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Clasp the hands together and rotate them in a figure eight in both directions ten times each.

Junan Taiso Stretching Tips

The Mystery of Kuji Kiri Revealed. In ancient tales, there is a story about ninja who sowed hemp seeds, and leaped over it every day, even when it had grown to full length.

While lying on the atiso face up, place the hands on the floor palms down near the head, with the fingers facing the feet. Breathe and repeat on the other side. If you force the stretch until you are actually in pain mild, or otherwiseyou risk injury that could take a while to recover from. Trikonasana or Triangle Pose.

Turn the toes individually or in pairs twenty times each, both clockwise, and counterclockwise. These exercises speed recovery time and overall agility by strengthening core muscles. It is a complete system of enhancing strength, energy, flexibility, agility, and balance by synchronizing the breath with a series of methodical stretching and range of motion exercises.

These exercises also stimulate blood flow and the circulation of qi Jap. Thank you for sharing! The back has a tendency to bow in the early stages, resist this by pushing forward on the pelvis as this straightens the back allowing the body to sink further.


Junan Taisō 柔軟体操 – Classical Martial Arts Research Academy

Those familiar with early videos and photos call how remarkably flexible Soke was even in his 50s and 60s, and this suppleness has taiwo into his 80s. Without bending the knees, reach and touch the toes ten times.

This all makes sense now. Once you have assessed this you can begin to incorporate various stretches into building a routine with methods for yourself and your body type. This will increase energy flow to the body, decrease the likelihood of sprains, and facilitate takso footwork.

With feet slightly wider than shoulders distance apart, extend the arms out to the side. Ninjutsu practitioners also learn to master fudoshin immovable heart as they move in and out of kamae mental, physical and spiritual stance in a relaxed and clear state of mind. Wisdom for Life Book Ninja Lessons. Many teachers of martial arts gloss over stretching and breathing techniques as part of their instruction program. Then swing like a seesaw, right and left, where the head is moved at the same time with the knees like a boat.

Authentic Ninjutsu Zenformation for the Modern Shinobi. Push the abdomen forward while keeping thighs vertical while releasing the head and spine backward. When you think of Ninjutsu, Yoga may not be the first term that pops in to your head. Taijutsu is something that permeates the body and makes it so strong that it can not lose to anything.


Gently roll out when finished. Begin with circular movements of both arms in front direction and back direction to prepare the shoulders. My Account Logout Wishlist. Keep the head facing forward and with the eyes only look up, down, left, right, diagonally, then roll them clockwise and counterclockwise ten times. Taijutsu is a method of warfare where you can also fight without weapons.

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When the movements are done without emphasis on breathing and relaxation they only serve the purpose of physical conditioning. The only thing touching the floor is the abdomen and pelvic area. If flexibility is an issue, push the pelvis forward. The reason for this is that the head can only be counted as part of the whole. With the ankles linked, bring light pressure upon the knees straitening the legs. August 20, at juban Simple warm-up exercises and light stretches for five or ten minutes maximum should be sufficient to get you prepared junah class.

Baddha Konasana Butterfly Pose.

Junan Taiso: The Yoga of Ninjutsu

A correct stretch is when you take the muscle just to the very point of discomfort haiso then hold it there while you breathe and relax. Ordinarily breathing exercises are done before the stretching regimen to synchronize your breathing and put you in a proper state of relaxation.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.