In this post, we explore no non-sense techniques for how to use a kubotan in a real situation of self defense. Watch and practice basic kubotan techniques. Drill down the the fundamentals in this post and then build up other advanced techniques using. Official Kubotan Techniques [Takayuki Kubota] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Self defense is serious business, and sometimes even the.

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Kubotan is a very versatile tool for its shape and solidness. It can be used creatively in many daily life tasks kubbotan not just as an effective self defense tool. The solid material of the kubaton, makes it also usable in many critical situations for example to break glass or to hammer something.

The kubotan grip will determine the type of applications and defenses you will be usining agains your attacker. In this video, famous self defense instructor Peter Weckauf is showing different grips and applications that can be used with the pocket stick or the kubotan.

How to use a Kubotan – Basics

The Kubotan is usually used by security gaurds or police enforcements for trapping, joint locking, blocking and extracting people. There are also tons of martial arts techniques where the Kubotan can be used artfully and elegantly, but when it comes to self protection or defense situation we need to only care about using it as effective and as quickly as possible to end or control the current situation.


The targets vary based on the situation and how much force or stopping power you need to put into your defense. This depends of course on twchniques nature and criticality of the situation.

Kubotan Self-Defense DVD

The main principle is to be able kibotan use the Kubotan to punish your attacker as much as needed to stop his attack and nothing more than that, or you will have to answer for that. So, the basic idea is techniqufs master fundamental effective combatives using the Kubotan because those will come naturally to you in a tough situation. After mastering the basic grips and strikes you can then get more advanced kubotan techniques in your arsenal to handle different types of attacks.

Below are some selected videos that elaborate on this concept of using the Kubotan in a very basic but effective way in a street fight.

Your practice need to be simple enough that you can apply it in techmiques situation and it has to always start by practicing Kubotan drawing techniques as fast and smooth as possible. I included this video because this is how I think the kubotan should be used in most cases. Tecgniques need to learn how to draw your kubotan and then use it for what it is good for.

  HIOKI 3423 PDF

Kubotan Self Defense keychain

No need for fancy moves unless you are willing to put in great deal of time mastering techniques that you might not tecniques the time to apply in a real fight.

Another cool video from raw combat, that elaborates on the same concept of reality based use of the kubotan or pocket stick. Most street attacks are violent and you will have to learn to use your weapon combatively to finish at attack by applying the needed force.

Kubotan techniques and defense. Kubotan Self Defense Learn how to use Kubotan for self defense. How to use a Kubotan for self defense?

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