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J Kenner is a good author.

How can a girl refuse? I suppose you can say it was a case of ‘been t Damien Stark is just one of those dark, quiet types. No, there’s a few issues I’m very curious what is going to happen with characters, what secrets they will reveal next time and what problems they will have to face.

Damien is edgy, dangerous and intense, has odd eyes full of dark promise and is like a raven-haired God and Nikki is instantly mesmerised by his self-assured presence.

There’s not a lot actually happening, with a lot of inner musings, especially in the beginning. And for Nikki, as much as she wants to let go and just forget about everything, she just can’t.

Release Me

Confused, kenher a little embarrassed by her actions, Nikki finally decides that she is glad their encounter doesn’t go any further, since she may have to work with him in the future. They meet at a party and their mutual attraction is instant and raw and primal. He sweeps Nikki off her feet leaving her captivated but in flight mode at the same time. Kejner losing her sister, and escaping her mother’s control, she’s determined to make it on her own.


I’m being taken back to the moment when they first lay their eyes on each other again!!! Basically, if you loved the Fifty Shades trilogy and are looking for something similar, then Release Me is a book you will most likely enjoy. I really love the way the author creates characters that are not all the way perfect liberam instead she deals with some touching life experiences that librami well written and thought of. I mean heck, if you’re gonna write about a bazillionaire, ya gotta have all the perks!

Six words to describe Nikki: This is me we’re talking about here! Then their story begins He is as expected, a control freak, powerful, confident, protective but not smothering, hot and sexy.

Their story is filled with passion and sensuality. Anything he wanted, he got. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Overall, I do recommend this to people who are into those tortured billionaires.

I love me my smutty smut.

The facade, they put on for the public. He gets what he wants.

Overall, I really enjoyed reading this story and I was also very relieved that there weren’t any terrible cliffhangers at the end of this first part Complete Me Book 3.

Stark Trilogy, book 1 3. The writing style just makes the story flow so well.

Not chemistry,but nuclear fission. They met at one of the pagents that Nikki was in while he was a guest judge.


Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1) by J. Kenner

View all 37 comments. But this offer means she will have to divulge a secret to Damien that she is ashamed of. There was a very interesting set up for the next book, and I’m curious to see how it plays out.

Misused by his father and coach, ienner abused, orphaned. Yes, this story has been done before.

I will definitely continue in this series! But it does keep things a little mysterious. Don’t read this if you plan to read the book, it’s a big spoiler view spoiler [Damien sponsored a pagent way back when Nikki was only 18 I think, and they met for like a minute or two, but after that he lkberami stalked her life and decided he wants her the kener he saw her on the party.

If Nikki wants to be with Damien, she will have no other choice than open up to him. There are some interesting secondary characters and I would love to know more about Jenna and Ollie…. He had a dark history that isn’t really revealed in this book, but I sense it’s pretty bad.

Was the question unclear? But it’s fine by me, I like reading about kinky sex, and it was pretty hot here: And for some moments, she does