PDF | The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa is a book written by Sir Fredrick Lugard (the first colonial Governor General of Nigeria). It forms or constructs. Frederick John Dealtry Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard GCMG, CB, DSO, PC (22 January – 11 April ), known as Sir Frederick Lugard . Lugard’s The Dual Mandate in British Tropical Africa was published in and discussed indirect. Born to an English family in India in , Frederick Lugard rose to His The Dual Mandate, first published in , became a handbook for all.

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The Rulers of British Africa — 1st ed. The Lugardian gaze and its construction has built up such important aspects of the chapter as discussed in sub- units as the following: Its truth as such has resonance only within its formulation at a higher level of discursive construction. He also saw state-sponsored colonisation ulgard a way to protect missionaries, local chiefs and local people from each other, as well as from foreign powers. She was a writer for The Times and coined the place-name Nigeria.

Lugard was appointed to the Distinguished Service Order in His book is a masterpiece of literature and policymaking, though contemporary readers will find his defense of British colonialism in Africa racist and paternalistic. The dual mandate is an expression of the fundamental principles of European imperialism madnate tropical Africa as theorized by Sir Frederick Lugard —the best known of the British colonial officers to serve in Africa.

Since he was childless, the barony became extinct. The book grounds the philosophy and ideology of the British Empire and justifies its conquests and administrative style.

Full text of “The dual mandate in British tropical Africa”

There were no children from the marriage. Eliot, Lugard states that the African mind: It was in Northern Nigeria, however, that the system had its most profound expression. They are duzl of immense physical endurance, but do not possess the physique and strength of the negroes……. Negation of the substance of the subaltern There is here a negation of history and civilization. At the global level of the book, there is a lexical analysis that is made on the basis of keywords in context.


It offered a comprehensive evaluation of the nature and challenges of British rule in Africa. It clearly makes a case for control. He was cremated at Woking Crematorium. Perhaps the most distinctive external characteristic— much more reliable than that of colour—by which the degree of Negro blood may be gauged, is the hair growth on the head and face, varying from the woolly head and smooth face ,andate the pure negro, to the straight hair and bearded face of the Asiatic.

Lugard sees the physical nature of the blacks and its shades and hues of color in direct correlation with their intellectual and organizational advancement. However, the region provided abundant sources of raw materials and markets for manufactured goods. In any normal distribution, 68 per cent of the observations fall within one standard deviation of the mean.

Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard

During his tenure, Lugard proposed to return Weihaiwei to the Chinese government, in return for the ceding of the rented New Territories in perpetuity. Quite in consonance with the Lacanian other and the gaze of the child, the colonial subject gains their identity and image from the mirror held by colonial discourse and authority. How colonialism preempted modernity in Africa.

The attempt in this paper as such is to try to see at least one aspect of this construction i. Davisgives an example of true by definition: In AugustLugard organised the West African Frontier Force and commanded it lugsrd the end of Decemberwhen the disputes with France were settled.


Frederick Lugard, 1st Baron Lugard – Wikipedia

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Such collocationary pairs may have cognitive ideological impacts. Ostensibly, the colonial official was a sympathetic adviser and a dhal to the chiefs; in reality, though, the official would dictate colonial policies and regulations to the chiefs. The Adubi War occurred during his governorship.

Following the subjugation of the Hausa-Fulani inLugard introduced the system among the people. A Concise History of Hong Kong. This discourse would sync well with the paternalistic posture of the colonialists.

And for this domination to work there has to be mystification as well. While the colonial subject is here materially as a contemporary, he is seen in terms of construction that dates him far back in time in terms of evolutionary calendar.

He preferred to advance prominent Hausa and Fulani leaders from traditional structures. In the examples below, we can see the ethnographic simple present in action.

Dual Mandate, Africa

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikisource. Dual Mandate, Africa The dual mandate is an expression of the fundamental principles of European imperialism in tropical Africa as theorized by Sir Frederick Lugard —the best known of the British colonial officers to serve in Africa.

The persistent representation of a subaltern, for example, as a person needing civilization i. For Lugard, it was also vital that Britain gain control of unclaimed areas before GermanyPortugal or France claimed the land and its resources for themselves.